ARTIT Athens, Greece

Artit is a platform founded upon the belief that art is a powerful tool that facilitates self-expression and triggers change. Our mission is to discover and reward contemporary visual artists who strive to create a better version of the world we live in. We see art as a means to raise awareness around matters that impact our lives as individuals and as a collective. We empower the voices of artists and organisations that strive for a bright future for the world, particularly those that address issues of ecology, society and politics through art. In this context, a significant part of our work are our collaborative European partnerships exploring the intersection of arts and society in practice.

KMOP Athens, Greece

KMOP, established in 1977, is one of the oldest civil society organisations in Greece offering social support services and implementing a diverse array of programs aimed at empowering and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities. KMOP is dedicated to addressing social challenges through evidence-based solutions that promote individual and collective prosperity. KMOP focuses on designing and executing innovative social services that enhance individual self-worth, reduce inequality, and foster inclusive and sustainable social development. The organisation’s extensive research capacity, blended with close interaction with society, ensures a deep understanding of the real social challenges and, in turn, leads to effective and impactful policy design.

ANS Carpi, Italy

Anziani e Non Solo (ANS) is a non-profit organization working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of projects and realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion. The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo concern different social domains, such as: active ageing, intergenerational activities and support to frail and dependent elderly, support to formal and informal carers, young and adults, as well as support to employability and to social inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

TUKE Kosice, Slovakia

The Technical University of Košice, as one of the largest universities in Slovakia, consists of 9 faculties with a predominantly technical focus. The Faculty of Arts TUKE, which has been part of the university campus for over 25 years, offers both technical and humanities-oriented fields – fine arts, design, and architecture. In addition to education, the Faculty of Arts TUKE is also active in the field of science and research, including interdisciplinary creative and sustainable projects in cooperation with domestic and foreign European partners. The Faculty of Arts TUKE also develops projects that are built on a significant connection and synergy of several areas, such as ecology, art, and technology, against the background of current social trends or global challenges.

INTRAS Valladolid, Spain

INTRAS is a Spanish foundation that operates within the mental health sector, supporting individuals dealing with severe and enduring mental illness. Additionally, its work extends to older adults facing cognitive impairments, young individuals encountering learning difficulties and other groups suffering from social exclusion, like the homeless.
Established in 1994, INTRAS designs programs to support and empower individuals as they navigate their paths towards realising their aspirations and goals. In addition, INTRAS recognizes the significant role of arts and culture in community members’ lives. Hence, it incorporates these elements into daily programs for educational and therapeutic purposes, continuously seeking innovative approaches to unlock the creative potential of its beneficiaries.