The SCA project leverages the influential power of older (professionals or not) visual artists to raise awareness and mobilise seniors across Europe, encouraging them to address climate change and adopt eco-friendly habits. The overall objective of the project is to mobilise older (potential) visual artists aged 65+ in Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Spain and Italy to become actors of green change and to influence other older people to be more conscious of the environment.

Our specific objectives:

To raise awareness about environmental and climate-change challenges and solutions for environmental sustainability;

To develop the green sectoral skills that meet the needs of the elderly population, and especially senior visual artists;

To create and test strategies and methodologies, as well innovative-oriented curricula on how to engage the elderly creative community into the fight against climate change;

To empower older citizens with the practical knowledge and skills focused on how to fight climate change;

To sensitise senior artists for their active role as agents of change, acting as multipliers of the key concepts and engaging in environmental actions in their communities;

To enable behavioural changes for individual preferences, consumption habits and lifestyle to the wider elderly EU community.